The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out (live)

Summer '08, The Rosebuds played a block party/cookout for friends and family in Raleigh, NC. This is one of the songs filmed in one take, in the process I stumbled upon some wonderful moments.


mrlunch said...

Holy Moly!
did you almost lose it when you walked into that room and that little girl was drinking that last drop our of the bowl?!?!?
Love it.
Did you get a nice new camera?!?

tk said...

yeah that was a pretty great moment, and then we were both to scared to go walk on stage by ourselves.

yeah, just got it, a little canon hv30. small, but gets the job done.

mrlunch said...

Can't stop thinking about this video. I love the hand-held, wandering, by-chance quality of it all. Last night I was playing it back again in my head and felt that it perfectly captures that moment at a party when you are happy and buzzed and maybe you just smoked up a little and your just wandering off to the bathroom or to make a call and you feel happy and everything just comes together and is magical for a moment. Thank you for creating/capturing this!!!

Roger said...

nicely done bro. Every time i watch that it gets better and better. hope you are well. Lets chat soon. - flex